Sachiko Miyashita Guitar School

Many pupils - from the youngest one of 4 yeas old to 60s - study with Miyashita on a man to man.

Some pupils won 1st prize in domestic competitions

1-11, Maeda6-15, Teine-ku, Sapporo 006-0816
tel&fax (011) 683 4227

School Events

Monthly concert pupils organize this every month to make their performance skill progress.
Hokkaido Guitar Festival this concert is for guitar ensemble. "Miyashita guitar ensemble" which consist of 15-18 pupils take part in it every year.
Pupil Concert in the end of a year, all pupils play in big hall.
Hokkaido Guitar Festivali2017/10/22)

Monthly concerti2018/08/19j

Pupil Concerti2004/11/7)