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2018 year
1 January
Jan 23 Tue
New Year Concert

Place: River Side Hotel NUMAZU    (Shizuoka Pref.)
Produce: The Japan Warehousing Association Inc.
  Ikuko Nabekura(Vn),
  Sachiko Miyashita(Guitar)

2 Febrary
Feb 18 Sun
Romantic Guitar Concert

Place: Cafe Flat
Produce: Cafe Flat
Start: 15:00
-19c.guitar&Modern guitar

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3 March
Mar 3 Sat
Romantic Guitar Concert

Place: YAMAHA Hole (GINZA)
Produce: TOS Concert planning
Start: 14:00
-19c.guitar & Piazzolla
Special Guest: Atef Galim(Vn)

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Mar 11Sun
Master Class

Place: Nakamura Guitar School (Ibaragi Pref. Mito City)
Produce: Nakamura Guitar School

4 April
Apr.27 Fri
Sky Concert in JR TOWER

Place: JR TOWER (Sapporo)
  Ikuko Nabekura(Vn)
  Sachiko Miyashita(Gt)
Start: 20:00

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5 May
May.5. Fri
Classical Guitar Competition(adjudicate on)

Place: Nihonbashi Koukaido
Produce: Japan Guitarist Association

May 4. Sat
Senior Classical Guitar Competition(adjudicate on)

Place: Nihonbashi Koukaido
Produce: Japan Guitarist Association

May.13. Sun
Sachiko Miyashia Guitar Ricital

Place:Bach Saal (Iwate Pref.)
         Private house
Produce: Shizuo Kikuchi
Start: 15:00

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6 Jun
Jun 3 Sun
Cafe de Lenny Guitar COncert

Place : Cafe de lenny
   -Start   15:00 Concert

Jun 10 Sun
Guitar Festa Concert in Shimamura Gakki Sapporo Store

Place : Shimamura Gakki
        13:00 Concert
        16:00 Seminar

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Jun 24 Sun
Festival of Guitar 2018

PPlace: The Luther Hall
-(Odori Nishi6-chome, Chuou-ku,Sapporo)
-Start 10:00
Organizer: Hokkaido branch office of J.F.G

-Special Guest:Kengo Yabuta

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7 July
Jul. 1 Sun
Sachiko Miyashita Guitar Ricital

Place: Shiratak Culture Center "AYu:M"
-Start 14:30
Organizer: Guitar Emsemble SEMPRE

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Jul. 10 Tue
4th Annual Meeting of
   the Nucleic Acids Therapeutics Society of Japan
-----Exhibition Concert

Place:r Central Hall Kyushu University School of Medicine
-Start 17:00--18:00
the Nucleic Acids Therapeutics Society of Japan
Guitar:  19c. Rene·F·Lacote model
          Luthier:Tatsurou Ohnishi

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8 August
Reading drama by Hisashi Inoue (kudentai)

produce:New National Theatre Tokyo
director:Tamiya Kuriyama
cast: New National Theatre Tokyo drama studio trainee
music: Sachiko Miyahshita( Guitar)

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Left: Tamio Kuriyama(Director), right: Maiko Tanaka Assistant Director
9 September
Sep.2 Sun
Sapporo ART Festival "Classic Guitar Festival"

Place: Sapporo Education and Culture Hall
-Start 13:30

Sep.29 Sat
Hokkaido University "HOME COMMING DAY"

Place: Clark Memorial Student Center
-Start 14:00

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Guitar Festa

Place : HOKKAIDO Museum of Literature
Lecture -Start  9:30-17:00
Concert-Start 18:00-19:30
            Sachiko Miyashita-:30.Sep
Organizer: Japan String Instrument Makers Association

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10 October
Oct.4 Thu
Sachiko Miyashita Guitar Concert

Place: DATE culture center (DATE City,  Hokkaido)
-Start 18:30
Organizer: Overall planner FMA

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Oct.28 Sun

Festival of Guitar 2018

Place: Chieria
-(Sapporo, Nishi-ku, Miyanosawa 1 Article 1-chome, 1-10)
-Start 12:00
Organizer: Hokkaido branch office of J.F.G

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12 December
Dec.1 Sat
Mariko Tsubokawa Guitar Ricital
     appear as a guest:Osamu Hirasa&Sachiko Miyashita

Start: 19:00

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